Friday, June 20, 2014

Bob Kane’s widow nominated him for a Hollywood Walk of Fame star...

...and like any good Batman story, it holds a secret:

Comic Book Resources asked me for comment about the $30,000 investment:
The Dark Knightthe title of which is a nickname coined by Bill Finger, the main villain of which debuted in a story written by Bill Finger, the legacy of which is that it is one of the highest-grossing and most critically praised films of all timehas many hundreds of names in its credits, but none are Bill Finger. None of those people would have had that job if not for Bill Finger. This Walk of Fame star is yet another instance of Kane receiving recognition I don't feel he deserves...unless Finger gets the same.

My initial tweet about this was a bit snarkier:
Bob Kane getting star on Hollywood Walk of Fame. Now people can step on him as he stepped on Bill Finger.


  1. Too bad she couldn't have done something decent with that $30,000 and sent it to Bill Finger's heirs.

  2. My thought also, John Trumbull. The star really suits what so many now perceive Bob as based on how he has conducted his affairs about the creation of Batman, they're superficial. Hollywood stars can easily be bought and paid fitting. Bob has his fame but the deservedness can only be seen as skin deep because of the perpetuation of the big lie. If Kane's family wants to change the direction of where his legacy will end up, for things to be real, they need to allow the space for Bill Finger to be there with Bob, as Bob said he wanted in his autobiography. Otherwise it continues to be a big fat farce. And the word is spreading...

  3. Good points, Michelle. Buying this star is consistent with Kane's stealing the fame that the star is supposed to recognize.