Monday, December 15, 2014

“Batman ’66: The Lost Episode” and Bill Finger

Legendary Batman (and the Outsiders) writer/Bill Finger advocate Mike W. Barr wrote in with an interesting observation:
At least the climax of the recently published Batman ’66: The Lost Episode—adapting a Two-Face story from a treatment by Harlan Ellison in which Batman compels Two-Face to surrender by substituting a flawed duplicate of Two-Face’s lucky coin—was foreshadowed by Finger’s script to “The New Crimes of Two-Face!” from Batman #68 (12/51-1/52), in which Batman defeats Two-Face by exactly the same method.

Mike also noted that this story has been reprinted in the following:
  • Batman Annual #3 (1961)
  • Batman From the Thirties to the Seventies (Crown, 10/71)
  • DC Comics Classic Library: The Batman Annuals (DC, 4/09)

from Son of the Demon, written by Mike;
too bad Bob is not here to see that Bill
is no longer forgotten...too bad Bill is not,

Thank you to Michael Savene for the scan.

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