Sunday, March 13, 2016

Highlights of four-week author trip to Asia

From 2/13/16 to 3/11/16, I hopped across Asia to speak at nine schools and a company. Meeting the students and staff at the schools was rewarding on its own, and getting to experience three countries new to me (Malaysia, Thailand, Hong Kong/China) was a bonus I don't take for granted.

I've blogged extensively about this trip. All nine schools and the company were highlights, and among are the highlights when I was not working:


Thailand (Phuket) 

Thailand (Chiang Mai) 

Thailand (Bangkok; previously unpublished!)

One night in Bangkok—literally. 
It was just a layover. I didn't even get off the plane.

Hong Kong

[NOTE: Most are selfies because I was mostly alone. I prefer travel photos with the traveler in them to show you that were there; otherwise the photos could just as well be from a book or site.]

For details on each photo and more in general on my time in Asia:

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