Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Sea World water skiing superheroes...2013?

Artist Michael "mic?" Magtanong created a skillfully executed homage/update to the fondly remembered Sea World water skiing superhero show of the 1970s, which I have been known to mention here.

He kindly gave me permission to re-post it:

Some clever, understated touches:

  • the cables for Wonder Woman, Mera, and Batman are their own devices/abilities
  • the cables for the rest (and the skis for those who need them) are Green Lantern constructs
  • Superman don't need no cable
  • love the updating: John Stewart replacing Hal Jordan (and/or Robin, Green Arrow, or Captain Marvel), Hawkgirl and Vixen replacing Supergirl and Batgirl
  • love the gay pride flag (this piece debuted online the week that DOMA was named unconstitutional)

And coloring the sky blood-red is an interesting choice. Perhaps this show took place during an invasion from Apokolips.

Kudos again, Michael, and thanks again for letting me help share your great work.

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