Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Girl in “Relax” by Frankie Goes to Hollywood?

Round 2 of the “Girl in the Video” interview series has wrapped, but the requests continue to come in.

Here is one I had not considered, and which I am sharing (with permission) because of its format:

Any leads, please let me know.


Marc Edward Heuck said...

The first key is finding out which video of "Relax" this performer appeared in. There are four to be exact, but two possibilities. The original, banned both by the BBC and by MTV, was directed by Bernard Rose, who made IMMORTAL BELOVED and CANDYMAN, and more recently MR. NICE with Rhys Ifans. He has a Twitter account (https://twitter.com/BernardJMRose). He might remember.

However, if the performer was in the music video that was made to promote BODY DOUBLE, that was done by Brian DePalma, and obviously he'd be much harder to contact. But since actor Craig Wasson was in the video, if he can be tracked down, he may remember.

Unknown said...

Her name is Ange. She was a friend of the band and worked at Camden Palace circa 1984.

Marc Tyler Nobleman said...

Thanks for the info, Unknown!

syndicate.001 said...
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syndicate.001 said...

hello, mark!!!! 😁😁😁😁:

and my blessings to you as well, that this message will find you, not only in the christmas spirit, but also blessed, in the new year to come...... i hadn't been getting notifications as i wanted, regarding your blog, only now, remembering to look at it..... [as something was compelling me to do so at this time] it was at this time, that i was pleasantly surprised at the replies that were posted to your fine blog, regarding my [last] inquiry...... i would have never thought, that I would have gotten a reply to my inquiry, and thanks to "unknown", I finally got one..... she may have been a british video vixen, (if you don't think that comment is inappropriate to post), but like many video vixens, past, as well as present, (?????????), they ignite a fire in your dreams, for a very, very long while...... which you can tell, ange did..... i also have the picture disc, which has her, and some other interesting characters on it, (the famous holly johnson, dressed up, in his 2 piece suit, included), that I got some 32 years ago, (😡😡😡😡), and still in mint condition..... i love holly johnson, and his band, [Frankie goes to hollywood] having bought any, and all 12" inch cuts, released, on the "giant 45" record label, (a label, that has been around, since the early 60's, now owned by Warner Brothers), but was strongly influenced to buy the picture disc, all due to her mesmerising "new wave" looks, and erotic expressions on the picture disc..... it's, too bad, you weren't able to interview her!!!!; it would have been a real treat, to read (or even hear?), her reflections, of those wonderful days, regarding the 80's, having gone by...... (she also appears on the Frankie goes to hollywood website, as well as a having a text T-shirt from her saying, "relax")...... i want thank you so much, once again, for getting me the answer that I was looking for, wishing, i had ask you this inquiry, much, much sooner, about her...... please tell "unknown", i am forever grateful, as we all would have never known about this british video vixen, if "unknown", hadn't let it be known, who she was..... thank you for everything!!!!!!!!!; and be blessed by the almighty!!!!!!!!....😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁


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