Monday, June 2, 2008

"More fun than any children’s biography has any right to be"

Here's a third Boys of Steel review, this one by Elizabeth Bird, popular librarian blogger for School Library Journal. A perfect ten of comments in her meaty and perceptive review sound like mermaids singing to me:

"...definitely a slick idea"

Nobleman and MacDonald pay homage to the fellas that brought to life 'the greatest superhero of all time' in such a way that no library in the world could object to the book’s style and panache"

"...little details in Boys of Steel that did the old heart good to see"

The author walks the fine line between the original Superman and the one we all recognize today, and does so while still remaining factually accurate. No small task."

in a scant 40-page picture book Nobleman even manages to draw ties to Superman’s rise alongside WWII"

The amount of research necessary for a book of this scope would have to be hefty and I was pleased to see a small list of Selected Sources available on the publication page."

the design of the book itself is pretty keen"

this is one biography that’s going to lure the kids like nothing else"

"...Marc Tyler Nobleman and Ross MacDonald do Superman’s creators proud"

"More fun than any children’s biography has any right to be"


Brian Floca said...

Congratulations on the great reviews, Marc!

Anonymous said...

Way to go Marc. I just pre-ordered 10 on Amazon!

Jeff Trexler said...


H. Serody said...

Congratulations, Marc.

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