Tuesday, August 26, 2008

"Boys of Steel" in USA TODAY - front page!

Boys of Steel: The Creators of Superman is featured in the cover story of the Life section of USA TODAY...and appears in the top right of the front page!

The online version does not use the same art (unfortunately, that means no art from the book) but I think the text is unchanged.

The key point here is that my book is the first to correctly describe the death of Michael (known in the family as Mitchell) Siegel, the father of Jerry Siegel, co-creator of Superman.

Others have written that he was shot to death during a robbery of his clothing store.

He did die during a robbery, but because of a heart attack, not a gunshot. At least according to the police report, coroner's report, death certificate, and obituary.

And this was in 1932—six years before the fame of Superman—so there would be little reason for a cover-up. Just another tragedy for just another merchant in the pit of the Great Depression.

I tip my research hat to documentary filmmaker (and later author) Brad Ricca, who discovered the truth about Michael Siegel's death before I did. However, I discovered it for myself before he told me he had, too!


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Congrats! As a bookstore manager (and yes, I stock your book) I can tell you that USA TODAY's book reviews can really drive sales! MEMORY KEEPER'S DAUGHTER was the biggest selling (non-Harry Potter) book of the year a couple years back after an initial push from USA TODAY!

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congratulations, marc, that's fantastic!!

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Fantastic!! Quite a coup! Congrats.

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