Wednesday, October 1, 2008

How you found me: part 1

Lots of click-throughs to this blog result from straightforward searches including "Jerry Siegel," "Joe Shuster," and "Bill Finger."

Here are some of the more fun (or downright bizarre) search phrases
—all verbatimthat have led people here:
  • superman dog capes
  • superman vs. nazis
  • marc tyler nobelman
  • mark tyler nobleman
  • marc tyler wooster
  • five letter word that means noblemen
  • send multiple noblemen
  • how many people normally live in the nobleman's house
  • what is the correct spelling of superman
  • what is the correct spelling of celebration
  • double S superman tattoo
  • superman emblems for letters other than s
  • why was super man created and why
  • fun biography
  • three biographies by any children's author or any other people
  • picture story book on healthy lifestyle
  • companies that give away free books as promotions
  • book about the people who sell books on 6th avenue nyc
  • all of world war two costumes for boys
  • wife of william ross beachwood ohio
  • broke her foot

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