Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Kind folks in Ohio

In November 2008, I spoke at (then blogged about) the Mazza Museum of International Art from Picture Books. The way this place runs an event is as close to magic as I've experienced as an author.

A mother and father I met that day also blogged about the event. When mentioning me, they used more than kind words (and a photo of me with their son):
Marc was SO incredible with Hayden. He spent a great deal of time speaking with Hayden, and encouraging him to write and draw a lot. They even posed for a picture too (you can see the cover art of the book behind them - it is a very cool story, and a neat way to introduce younger kids to biographies).
Next was story time, and during the presentation Marc included some audience interaction. While doing so, he called on Hayden BY NAME a few times, and you could just see Hayden beam! It was a wonderful day and we're looking forward to Marc's next book; another biography, this time about the man who created Batman - Bill Finger.
What the parent bloggers modestly didn't mention is that Hayden was incredible with me! There was a reason I remembered his name.

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