Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Warm front from Houston

At the end of March, I made my first trip to Houston. This week, I received a packet of feedback from the students and staff of one of the schools I visited there.

Some of my favorite comments:

"Maybe someday we will become friends and get coffee and talk about our ideas and write a book together."
— C, age 10
[I often say exactly this
—that perhaps some of the students I talk to now will one day become my fellow authors.]

"I found it quite shocking that you enjoyed Superman enough to write a book about his creators. I never knew one person could get rejected that many times."
— J, age 10

"Tell your family I said hello."
— M, age 9

"I deeply enjoyed the lecture you relinquished upon our minds. Before your talk I would give up on anything I couldn't perfect in 3 or 4 tries. You have inspired me to keep on trying and never give up, your generosity will never escape my now enriched soul of my willing to keep trying."
— A, age 10
[Three or four tries...he obviously knew about persistence before I showed up.]

"I laughed so hard my heart hurt."
— V, age 10

"You are definitely in my top 5 of heroes."
— J, age 9
[I would be the last person to call myself a hero for anything I've done, but a comment like this is, of course, beyond humbling. Most of all, I wish I knew who the other four are...]

"If Superman didn't give up then I'm not going to, either."
— a different J, age 10

"It was thoughtful for you to come all the way from Minnesota..."
— A, age 9

[I live in Connecticut. I have never been to Minnesota.]

"The school librarian read [Boys of Steel: The Creators of Superman] to our class before you came. It really shows that it doesn't matter how old, smart, or popular you are—you can make a difference."
— W, age 10

Possibly my #1 favorite of the bunch:

"Your speech has opened a new door for me. Who knows, maybe you'll see me when I become a physician. All I know is if I achieve my goal you'll be the first person I contact apart from my family and friends. No promises though."
— K, age 10


Booksteve said...

Just wonderful, sir! You never know when you're making a real difference when it comes to kids.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful. I know that these kids will remember you for the rest of their lives.

Which school sent you this wonderful packet?

Marc Tyler Nobleman said...

Poe Elementary!

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