Sunday, June 21, 2009

A different type of father

Today, when the creative force behind an iconic character dies, it's unthinkable that this would not be mentioned in mainstream news and entertainment publications.

Yet when Batman co-creator and original writer Bill Finger died, in 1974, no obituary ran in the New York Times...or Variety...or anywhere else...

...except two lesser-seen DC Comics publications (neither was a regular monthly comic book). One was an oversized special called Famous First Edition: Batman #1 (1975).

This is the inside front cover:

"Last February, The Batman lost a father. One of his two real fathers, that is."

The one who is never officially named as a father, despite the undisputed paternity test on record here and elsewhere.

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Bill Finger Appreciation Group said...

At least there was some sort of acknowledgment from DC... a shame there wasn't more fanfare.

Thanks for the fantastic post!!