Wednesday, September 30, 2009

How you found me: part 4

Lots of click-throughs to this blog result from straightforward searches including "Boys of Steel" and "picture book biography."

Lots, but luckily, not all.

This is part 4 in an irregular series revealing some of the funconventional search phrases—all verbatim, most strange—that have led people here:
  • boys are mesmerized by Superman
  • amazing story exposed
  • basketball hair bands
  • children's writer Jonathan Nobleman
  • how to write a children's book writer's bio
  • lyrical engaging highly visual picture books
  • picture books that use the word folks
  • some biographies that people have wrote
  • autobiography of a school library book
  • shelving books boring
  • steal me a tear
  • I'm eagerly waiting for involve myself
  • Manhattan phone book of 1950
  • what age will you be in November 15 1993-2009
  • Hey, Sydney University and other interested souls: If you wish to use my information, writings or images for any purpose whatever you need to contact me for permission first. Who knows? I may even grant it.
That last one, obviously, is my favorite so far.

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