Sunday, November 22, 2009

The last issue of Nickelodeon Magazine

Number of years in print: 16
Number of years I freelanced for Nick: 7
Number of times I tried to break in before I was given the chance: 3
Number of months that took: 12
Number of final issue: 159
Number of the page with a tiny excerpt from one of my pieces: 29 (about pirates)
Number of kids disappointed that this is it: tens of thousands including some you know
Number of Nick Mag staff who will go on to even greater greatness: all of them

Show of hands: who thinks Nick should convert its sixteen-year inventory of content (most of which is already in compact form) into iPhone apps?

Yes, it certainly was, even from way out where I sat.


rozrs said...

Very nice. You rock, MTN!

Julie said...

Number of times I could read nice tributes like this one: infinite
Thanks, MTN. You sure got Nick Mag.

Carmen said...

Thanks for all the great words in this blog post and that you wrote for Nick Mag, MTN!

Unknown said...

I've looked all over the internet and can't find a place to purchase any digital issues of Nickelodeon magazine. Which is insane. How hard is it to start selling the issues as ebooks?

Marc Tyler Nobleman said...

Silver & Gold - agreed. I proposed digitizing the content in 2009 but apparently the company wasn't interested.

Unknown said...


That doesn't surprise me. If I'm being blunt, Viacom is the Blockbuster video of multinational media conglomerates. I'm so disgusted with it that I've started purchasing issues off eBay and scanning them, myself. I'll send them to or someone, but it is absolutely ridiculous that so much work was put into this by so many people, to just let it disappear. Not to mention it being a cultural touchstone for an entire generation.

diego78 said...

This magazine just made me nostalgic. I used to watch a lot of these shows and completely forgot about it for my children. My kids are little and they do watch some amazing series by Andy Yeatman on Netflix, but it is always better to pour in more. Thanks!