Thursday, February 4, 2010

Bill Finger Appreciation Group on Facebook

I'm long overdue in this announcement: Facebook has a Bill Finger Appreciation Group, with well over 100 members. And also a newer group called, simply, Bill Finger, with, curiously, even more members.

I say "curiously" because the first group offers a regularly updated stream of well-researched content; the second group is a place where fans have proclaimed their respect for Finger but have not, as of yet anyway, displayed anything archival.

two Finger appreciation groups! This for a man who died without comment from the press. I'm a member of both.

The BFAG is run by a class act named Derek Wolfford, who kindly (a word I overuse, I know, but will continue to) interviewed me in Nashville. He is steadily and capably compiling a time capsule about/memorial to/compendium on Finger, pulling material on him from various hard-to-find sources and presenting it all in one place. In a short while, I hope to be able to add to that with posts here.

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Derek W said...

Thanks for calling attention to my Bill Finger Group! As you mentioned, I'm trying to gather Bill's work from various projects to show just how influential he was and continues to be. With so much recent public interest in Green Lantern and Batman, Bill's name should mentioned in the same sentences with their co-creators.
You're doing a great service to the industry by working on a book that will give a definitive look at his life and work... can't wait for it's release.