Saturday, April 17, 2010

A sales indicator or an author eradicator?

Vanished: True Stories of the Missing is currently available exclusively through the Scholastic Book Club (those wispy catalogs that kids take home from school). Those catalogs, however, are packed so tight with choices that each one gets only a line of description.

Since the book came out in January, this blog has (I'm happy to reiterate) received a steady stream of hits from people (presumably parents and some kids) who Googled "vanished marc tyler nobleman."

Hopefully this is simply because they want more info on the book before they commit to buying it, not because they're looking for a way to make me disappear.

The book can't yet be ordered anywhere online; in fact, virtually the only location online where people can learn about it is right here. (Yes, for some reason, Scholastic does not put Scholastic Book Club titles anywhere on its site.)

If you're interested in the book but missed the catalog, simply call Scholastic at 800-724-6527, push prompt 3, then prompt 1, and order item #514472 (only $4.95) with a credit card.

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