Thursday, May 27, 2010

Finger Tip #3: A batload of support

The fans have spoken.

Since the 1960s, informed comics readers have demanded justice (of the intellectual property variety) for Bill Finger, uncredited co-creator of Batman. He died in 1974—too soon to witness this campaign to add his name to Batman evolve from a fragmented yet serious murmur to more of a battle cry, made even louder by the unifying power of the Internet.

This is not just fanboy fanaticism. I feel this is a culturally significant movement.

Since I’ve gone public with my Finger book in progress, I’ve had the fortune to hear from a steady stream of these good-hearted, articulate fans. Below is a selected collection of pro-Finger comments I’ve received. (I think I’ve come across only one “anti-Finger” sentiment online, and it wasn’t really anti-Finger so much as it was “Come on…give Kane a little credit.”)

Names withheld to protect the indignant—though none asked me to. In fact, most probably would be the first to sign a petition.

Finger deserves a book…long overdue.

[I]t’s great to see someone else spreading the Gospel of Finger (GOF).

You really have done your research and taken some risks to get to the story that needs to be told. I hope this blog carries on until I have a copy or two of your book in my grubby little mitts to pore over!

[E]agerly anticipating your Bill Finger project, hope it reaches fruition!

I…look forward to your book on Bill Finger, a truly great writer who never got the credit or money he deserved.

I’m very excited about the Finger book and hope it comes together for you.

I hope you get to have your book on Bill Finger published as well. Like you said, it’s a story that needs to be told. Just as Jerry and Joe’s story needed to be told. :-)

We are all very much looking forward to your book about the creator of Batman. Hayden loves telling everyone that Mr. Finger is the man who invented Batman and that he will be getting a book about it as soon as you are done writing it.
11/12/08 (from the mother of a young boy, both of whom I met at a book event)

[At the end of] Batman #259 (1974—the year of Finger’s death), Denny O’Neil wrote, “We dedicate this story to the memory of our friend Bill Finger.” The guys at DC knew who the real genius behind Batman was. And, hopefully, with your book, so will the public.

I’m so ready to see [Bill Finger go public], and eagerly waiting to see what you’ve got planned. You can count on me to be at the front of the line!

Like a lot of people, I’m looking forward to your book.

Many thanks for taking on Bill Finger. Looking forward to it!

[G]reat to hear a Finger book is in the works…much needed and deserved! Children will love to read about the main man behind the Bat.


Anonymous said...

The sad part is DC will never be able to offically acknowledge him as co-creator of BATMAN on any of the comics or media projects.

I'm sure there's a boatload of legal and financial issues that would keep it happening.

Perhaps that's something you'll be covering in the book - why he can't offically be given credit as co-creator

Marc Tyler Nobleman said...

Anon - never say never. The book does address it - and the story is still being written.