Thursday, August 19, 2010

"Know Your World Extra" play 3

I wrote several short, teen-centric plays for a now-defunct Weekly Reader publication called Know Your World Extra. I was given a much-appreciated amount of freedom in terms of plot and execution and got to explore some rather quirky concepts.

While I disagreed with a few of the final edits—tweaks involving humor or characterization that I feel try a bit too hard to sound kid-hip—overall, I was fond of how they came out.

As such, I asked my Weekly Reader editor for permission to post the plays here for elementary and middle school teachers in search of activities to ease students back to school, and he kindly gave it.

If you'd like permission to reproduce any of them for classroom use (or any other kind of use, for that matter), that will be fine and great, but first please e-mail me so I can put you in touch with the person who can grant that permission (and also probably send you better scans than mine!).

The plays will be posted in no particular order.


Billy Hogan said...

Weekly Reader is now defunct? I remember reading them when I was in elementary school, 40 years ago. Kinda sad, but that's progress I guess.

Marc Tyler Nobleman said...

Weekly Reader, last I knew, is still going. But Know Your World Extra, a publication in the Weekly Reader line, folded.