Monday, December 13, 2010

Please help me find four missing superheroes

Some superheroes vanish—and I don' t just mean ones with the power of invisibility.

For a large project, I'm looking for four actors who have almost no screen credits beyond appearing together in a 1979 TV special, Legends of the Superheroes. Three of the four have quite common names:

1. Garrett Craig; there are at least two; this is the one I want; 1/26/11 update: FOUND!

2. Howard Murphy; AFTRA has record of a "Howard L. Murphy" and that is probably him; he is not the Howard Murphy who appeared in a 1982 film called Satan's Mistress; I did find him and he told me that on IMDB, his data and the data of my Howard Murphy are combined into one person

3. Barbara Joyce; she once was repped by Howard Talent West
; 1/26/11 update: FOUND!

4. Danuta Wesley

None have been active in film/TV for decades and none have a current agent or service number listed at SAG or AFTRA. I've been searching for months with no luck, Googling, Facebooking, Zabasearching till my fingers whimpered, but there are simply too many people with most of these names.

These four are collectively the last piece of a puzzle I've been assembling since 1/10. I'm hoping that they or family or friends of theirs will stumble upon this post and contact me immediately. This would lead to not only a fun opportunity for any or all of these four former actors, but also quite likely a profitable one.

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