Sunday, April 10, 2011

Look, up in the's a's a cow...

I've explored the multitude of book covers that manage to show Superman without showing Superman.

Another super-cover phenomenon is the multitude of book covers that pay tribute to and/or spoof
Action Comics #1, the comic book in which Superman debuted. That image is not necessarily mainstream but is certainly very well known among pop culturists.

Most of the homages I've seen are on the covers of other comics. But this new one shows it may be more mainstream than I've believed...


Anonymous said...

Hey Mr. Nobleman,
It's me A.M.M. from the Lindenhurst Middle School. I was recently able to publish the book I talked to you about here's a link:
Thanks for the inspiration.

Marc Tyler Nobleman said...

That's great, A.M.M. Congrats! Proud of you!