Saturday, August 20, 2011

Super ‘70s and ‘80s: “Super Friends”—Marlene Aragon (Cheetah)

Introduction to series “Super ‘70s and ‘80s.”

Introduction to subseries "Super Friends" (including a list of interviewees).

How familiar with the DC characters were you before you got the job?

Didn’t know the characters…they were new [to her, presumably].


How long did it take to record an episode?

That depended on the episode and how many characters were in it and how the director felt about the performances. Two hours?

What challenges were involved in recording SF?

Sometimes my throat would be pretty overworked with the strange constricted sounds I would make as Cheetah. Good performances can be demanding of actors.

How did Super Friends rank in terms of series you worked on?

This was a favorite series. I liked Jem a lot also.

How much time, if any, did you spend with the other voice actors when you weren’t working?

Other voice actors and I would spend time in voice-over classes and having snacks or some parties occasionally. I made some good friends. Many laughs.

Are you still in touch with anyone else from the cast?

Not at this time…[though I did] talk to Wally Burr the other night.

Were you exclusively a voice-over actor?

I also spent time as a singer and commercial actress on- and off-camera.

If you have children/grandchildren, what are their ages?

I have one son, late forties, and two grandsons, 10 and 7.

And if so, what do they think of your time as a super villain?

Get a big kick out of all my voice/musical work.

What have you done since Super Friends?

I produced my own children’s book/cassette combo. Piggelty-Woo and Songs for You and Piggelty-Woo Shares Feelings With You. Wholesome products for infants to 7- or 8-year-olds. I sold a bunch of them and still have a little inventory. That’s one reason I wasn’t working on too many cartoons—that was 1986 and 1987.


Do you have a way for people to order your book/tape combos?

Yes, they may e-mail me—all fans get special discounts and they can burn CDs from the cassettes. Books are in color. [I also have a] jazz CD Improve ‘99.

NOTE: Marlene says that a portion of the proceeds go toward the Neighborhood Congregational Church of Laguna Beach (CA).

Next: Dick Ryal (Captain Cold).

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