Friday, October 14, 2011

Picture book experiment: "Brain Burps" interview

After learning of the unusual and quite possibly unprecedented picture book experiment I ran on my blog, tireless author/social media maven Katie Davis kindly interviewed me for her popular podcast Brain Burps.

  • What did I (nervously) ask seven well-known kidlit artists to do for me?
  • Why did I do it?
  • What has the response been from others in children’s publishing?

For those answers and more (but not so much more that it will eat up your whole day), click here.

Here is the Permalink to the interview.

Here is the story that it's about:

To review the show on iTunes:

  1. Open iTunes store.
  2. Search “Brain Burps.”
  3. Click on the podcast (and if you feel like copying and pasting, do same for the podcast app after).
  4. You will see the list of episodes. Scroll past them (not in them) to bottom of page where it says "REVIEW THIS SHOW."
  5. Follow instructions from there.

Thank you Katie.

Thank you listeners.

Thank you everyone else who has helped spread the word about my experiment. Please keep sending me your feedback!

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