Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Reactions to my Nevada Reading Week keynote and workshops

On 2/11/12, I spoke three times at my third Nevada Reading Week Conference in Reno. The theme was “Make a Date with History,” and I felt right at home because I do that for a living.

After, the organizers of the conference send the presenters feedback from the attendees; it comes anonymously on thin handwritten slips.

This year, I gave a diverse, hourlong keynote; a small part of it was my story of trying to publish a story I’m particularly passionate about.

Of all the topics I covered, I was thrilled to see that many people enthusiastically singled out that story, Thirty Minutes Over Oregon.

Here are some of my favorite comments about the book-to-hopefully-be:

Selected transcriptions (Thirty Minutes Over Oregon):

"Very interesting
—this is great history no one knows about. I hope it will be published soon."

"I am interested in Thirty Minutes Over Oregon. Hopefully it will be published."

"Want to read Thirty Minutes Over Oregon."

"Especially poignant was the publishing process story of the Japanese [pilot] who bombed Oregon."

"The Japanese bomber story was amazing."

"Hope the Oregon book goes public."

"Loved his story about
Thirty Minutes Over Oregon and hope it gets published."

"Interesting Oregon bombing story!"

"The sad story of a great story not yet finding a publisher."

This round bodes
as well as the first in assuring me that a sizable and eager audience does indeed exist for this story.

The other keynote feedback I was fortunate to receive was as humbling; a selection:

Selected transcriptions (keynote):

—Marc was awesome...he has done some awesome research to share with the world."

"Great stories. Human side of writers. Humble. Caring. Genuine."

"Second time I've seen him
—just as good as the first! Superheroes are not my thing but Marc made them so interesting."

"Great speaker! What a charming story."

"Great storyteller! Can't wait to read his books!"

"Interesting, inspiring, thorough, and clever."

"Riveting keynote!"

"He is funny! Great presenter!"

"Marc so naturally brought forth his passion...also he certainly show[ed] how caring for others brings satisfaction."

"Terrific comic book and superhero historian."

"Very entertaining. Great details. Interesting information. Very thorough."

"It made me want to buy his books. His humor was fun."

"Loved the show of emotion."

"Quite an entertaining talk!"

"I enjoyed his passion."

"Wonderful humor."

"He was real and used material that was important and relevant to students."

"Excellent. Very interesting!"

"Loved his honesty as a writer."

"Very funny and entertaining...also very passionate."

"Overall terrific presentation."

"Extremely interesting."

Selected feedback on my workshops:

Selected transcriptions (workshops):

"Another excellent presentation by Marc Tyler Nobleman."

"Engaging speaker. Great stories."

"Energizing and delightful."

"Very enjoyable. Will be looking at his blog!"

"Encouraging and creative ideas to use nonfiction in the classroom."

"Marc gives great, specific details. Wonderful presenter!"

Thank you again for having me, NRW. You know I will come back anytime.

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