Saturday, September 15, 2012

“Bill the Boy Wonder” comments on Amazon

“For kids, it's a big colorful picture book with a story both interesting and a little sad. For adult fans, it's a rare chance to get to know more about someone whose work you've admired for years...whether or not you ever heard his name. Who created Batman? Not the easiest question to answer but Marc Tyler Nobleman points his own Bill.”

“This is an important book. ... I’d venture to say there should be more books like this; that have the balls to tactfully but aggressively give credit where it has long been due. ... I say cheers to Mr. Nobleman for all his hard work!”

“Fantastic ... truly an all-ages book in that adults interested in comic book history are likely to get more out [of]...[than] kids, but it’s still enjoyable and engaging enough for younger readers. ... Well-researched ... I hope with books like this and researchers like Marc Tyler Nobleman, creators will get the recognition they’ve earned.”

“Marc Tyler Nobleman takes gentle, understated aim at the injustices that have been perpetrated upon the creative people in many of the fields of the popular arts. Thanks Mr. Finger—and thank you Marc.”

“The complicated story is told in remarkable simplicity ... it looks like a big kids book but some of the subject matter touched on here...should be read by adults. ... a wonderful book.”

“The underdog story of Bill ‘the Boy Wonder’ Finger and the author’s own detective work will intrigue even non-Bat fans.”

“This book is a must have for every Batman fan and comic reader in general. … Done very effectively and well.”

“...delicately tells the true story of the co-creator of the Dark Knight without making ‘sole creator’ Bob Kane seem too big of a jerk (not an easy task!) Ty Templeton’s artwork is delightful (especially the image of Batman and Robin battling crime on a giant toaster) and the book is well-researched. Publishing it as a ‘children’s book’ de-fangs the subject matter just enough and the writer comes off as a class act.”

“Thank you Bill Finger for the creativity and brilliant writing of the Batman story. And thank you Marc Tyler Nobleman for creating your interesting and clever book about the co-writer [she meant creator] of Batman, Bill Finger!

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