Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Bill Finger at the 92nd Street Y

On 5/15/13, I had the pleasure of returning to the 92nd Street Y in New York to speak about a Great Event that happened not far from there: the creation of Batman.

This was a comp ticket; as shown in the previous image, people actually had to part with 
$29 to hear me, which I thought would mean (far) fewer than 29 would show up.

The venue alone was an honor, as was the fact that people I care about came to listen, including a gaggle of college friends:

One of the three people to whom the book is dedicated also humbled me with his attendance: Charles Sinclair, Bill’s longtime friend and sometime writing partner.

Like the last time I spoke at the Y (2009), I took a photo of the room before I started:

But unlike the last time, I forgot to take one of the room once it’d filled in, which was the point.

The event generated some wonderful coverage.

And the coverage generated some wonderful coverage.

More than 350 likes and almost 50 shares 
for the Facebook link to the Newsarama article.

Savage Dragon creator Erik Larsen weighed in on Facebook.

Thank you again to Sidney Burgos for hosting me. Hope to speak under your roof again.


Bill said...

Great to hear! Keep spreading the word, Marc!

Captain Blog said...

Curious about your opinion of the recent comments by DC being "Okay with Bill Finger's family" and the subsequent rebuttal from said family.
There was a recent credit given on a cover of Detective but it sure seems to be a bit of a business move. "Hey, look what we did" or some such.

Marc Tyler Nobleman said...

Though this is the first time that Bill's name has been on the cover of a comic, it is far from the first time DC has credited him as WRITER for his stories, so it is a logical extension of what they have already done. Modern management is enlightened but also bound to old contracts. This is a way of acknowledging both.

Captain Blog said...

I just wanted to let you know that I am meandering around your blog and am truly impressed.
Your efforts go above and beyond and it is refreshing to see someone with a goal that doesn't involve you becoming a millionaire in the process.
Thanks for giving me something worthy to root for and if I can ever be of assistance, please ask.
You have probably heard this before but I can see why you are a NOBLEman.
God Bless.