Sunday, March 16, 2014

The first longer-form book on Bill Finger…

…is the second ever, and the first Spanish-language book, on Bill Finger. The author is the ace researcher David Hernando. 

A description:

Batman: Serenata Nocturna. El origen del Caballero Oscuro (Batman: Night Serenade. The Origin of the Dark Knight) is a hardcover, 160-page Spanish book on Bill Finger to be published in Spain in May 2014. It follows, in a fiction style narrative, all of Bill Finger's life and legacy, based on interviews and statements from Dennis O'Neil, Jens Robinson, Gary Groth, Denis Kitchen, Michael Uslan, Brad Meltzer, Gerard Jones, Danny Fingeroth, Graham Nolan, and Alan Porter, among others, like the unique contributions from Marc Tyler Nobleman and Athena Finger, Bill’s only grandchild. The book will feature an introduction by Roy Thomas and a cover by Paco Roca, one of the best-selling graphic novel authors in Spain today.

A glimpse at the evolution of the cover, which ends beautifully:


Note the paperweight.

And radio.

And gimmick books.

And Popular Mechanics.

And tweed jacket.

And the shape of the papers on the floor...

As I alluded to above, Finger is in good hands here.

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