Friday, April 4, 2014

Meet Athena Finger, grandaughter of Bill

Today, Bill Finger’s lone grandchild, Athena Finger, makes her first appearance at a comic convention, in St. Louis. In Bill’s entire career, he appeared for certain at one con and possibly one more. Athena will overtake him before the year is out.

Here is the bio I helped her whip up for her primetime debut:

Athena Finger knew all along that she was the lone grandchild of Bill Finger, co-creator and original writer of Batman…it was Batman fans who didn’t know. Born two years after Bill died, Athena never met her grandfather, but heard about him from her father Fred. When Athena got married, she kept her maiden name out of respect for the man who gave life not only to her (indirectly) but also to the world’s most popular superhero. Since Marc Tyler Nobleman, author of Bill the Boy Wonder, found out about Athena in 2007, she has slowly made her presence known to comicdom. She lives in Florida with her son Ben and teaches math at Broward College.

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Unknown said...

Thanks so much to your efforts, and to others, Athena will be the first Finger, not even Bill could, to be able to dwell publicly without question in the true reality of who they are relative to the creation of the world-beloved Batman. An amazing moment for Athena, and so wonderful for you :)