Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Turning the Page 2014

On 11/18/14, I had the privilege of taking part in another Community Night event for the Washington DC organization Turning the Page. My talk, held at Kramer Middle School, was open to students and their parents.

TTP posted a most kind blog recap of the event. Excerpts:

Mr. Nobleman led his talk as if he was telling a detective story.

Attendees were amazed to learn that Mr. Nobleman’s painstaking investigative journalism actually led him to discover an unknown heir of Bill Finger, one of the creators of Batman, who is now receiving money from DC Comics for her grandfather’s work. Kramer families were so curious and excited about Mr. Nobleman’s tale that they could hardly contain their questions until the end. It was an inspiring presentation that touched on creativity, ownership of ideas, copyright, and the importance of perseverance and storytelling to shape and correct history.

Mr. Nobleman’s author visit was an important step in reaching a new and wider sector of the Kramer community, from teachers to students and parents to other partner organizations. For many Kramer families and teachers, this was their first-ever Community Night. “When’s the next one?” they asked me on their way out. “I’m gonna write a book like that about the Green Lantern.”

Naturally, I adore that last line.

Thank you, as always, TTP, for your many good works in the DC region. Many benefit from your efforts.

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