Tuesday, August 4, 2015

“Hand of God” a veiled message?

During the Q&A after an 8/3/15 talk I gave at a Connecticut library, an attendee asked me the meaning of the “Hand of God” comment on Bob Kane’s gravestone.

I’d never been asked that. I’d never thought about that.

And suddenly it hit me.

I regularly tell audiences that Bob had the chance all along—even at the end—to set the record straight, but instead he had carved into stone the same creation myth he’d been telling his whole career.

But now I see perhaps that gravestone does reveal the truth after all—discreetly.

Thinking out loud in front of that room, I realized perhaps “Hand of God” was a reference to Bob’s right-hand man, Bill Finger.

The fuller phrase is “A ‘Hand of God’ creation, Batman and his world personify the eternal struggle of good versus evil…”

Hand = Finger?

Good = Finger?

Almost certainly not…but curious nonetheless.


Unknown said...

Hand is what one writes with..? Big stretch I agree, but interesting to indulge in for a moment..

Dave1950 said...

At least we can be sure of one thing that Bob did write: his epitaph!