Sunday, April 3, 2016

"Batman v Superman": Dawn of More Articles about Bill Finger's Credit

In the days leading up to the first live-action film to feature both Superman and Batman, the fact that this would be the first Batman film to include Bill Finger's name made news around the world. Some of the most notable coverage:

  • Globe and Mail (largest-circulation national newspaper in Canada)
  • Times of London (one of the two largest-circulation British "quality"—i.e. non-tabloid—newspapers; subscription required but screen grabs of article are below)
  • O Estado de S. Paulo (one of the largest-circulation newspapers in Brazil; how's your Portuguese?)
  • Uproxx


The Times of London piece (in choppy PDFs):


I will say only two things about the film itself.

1. Producer Michael Uslan handed out buttons at the premiere.

2. My favorite part was this:

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