Wednesday, June 22, 2016

When two heroes aren't enough

Team-up stories with more than two superhero (or villain) logos on the cover:

 1964; not quite logos

 1972; no logos but perhaps because there
wouldn't have been room

 1973; the "Plus?" was Two-Face,
who I'm counting even though it's
only a tease

 1975; all three headliners are Bill Finger creations


 1976; only one co-star logo but the
other three are named and do appear 
more prominently on the cover of the
next issue (part 2)

 1977; in most of the Brave and Bold team-ups
with multiple co-stars, one of them was
Green Arrow

 1978; the fourth co-star was...
no, not Green Arrow...Sherlock Holmes

 1983; also made this list


 1986; one of the weirder
type treatments...why not just
use the existing logos?



Am I missing any?

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