Thursday, September 1, 2016

The welcomes I get because people love superheroes

I've had the privilege of being invited to speak at schools, libraries, festivals, and other venues around the world. On top of that, I've had the thrill of being welcomed by an inventive array of displays (from both staff and students), costumes, cakes, and more. A gallery of some of my favorites from the past few years:

 Batman made from Post-it notes!

 My bodyguard for the day.

 Note the Bat-Signal behind us.

 Posing with the students wearing Batman-related shirts.

 Kids in capes.

 Credit line in a graphic novel adjusted by a student.

 Design for a Bill Finger memorial drawn by a student.

 Which name on the list doesn't belong?

 Drawn by a conference attendee during the conference.

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Anonymous said...

Marc, this is amazing! And wow, the "What Inspires Us" list? VERY cool! The creativity, effort and love that goes into all this must blow you away :D