Friday, August 18, 2017

Creative writing camp: last day surprise

Starting the summer of 2015, I have been teaching creative writing camps to rising 4th through rising 9th graders, primarily at schools local to me but once on the other side of the world (India).

On 8/4/17, I wrapped up my last sessions of the season and was supremely touched that my younger group presented me with a collection of cards, drawings, cookies, and other thank you gifts…all of which they organized on their own—no adult involvement.

This was my favorite (even more than the homemade chocolate chip cookies):

It was rewarding enough to discover the talent in many of these aspiring young writers and a major bonus to discover their empathetic side as well. I tend to end my camps/writing workshops by telling the participants that I look forward to seeing them on the bestseller list one day…and this time, in at least a couple of cases, I suspect my prediction will come true.

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