Saturday, September 23, 2017


On 9/18/17, two years to the day of the Bill Finger credit announcement, I spoke twice about the man: during the day at a school in Reston, VA and at night at Alley, a New York-founded company that recently opened a DC office.

daughter of friend/fellow author Kwame Alexander attends the Reston school; Kwame kindly sat in on one of my talks and joined me and librarian Kim Sigle for lunch.

The Alley talk was open to the public and free of charge.

My host told me that two of the women who attended have come to previous free events he's spearheaded. He believes they leap-frog night-to-night from free event to free event, partake of the free booze, then leave. In this case, one had a couple of beers and walked out in the middle of my talk. The other stayed...wearing sunglasses, indoors, the whole time.

Oddity and all, a more than nice way to spend the anniversary. Thank you again to Kim, Kwame, and Alley.

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