Monday, October 2, 2017

Nobleman in Noblesville

Starting 9/25/17, I spoke at a school a day for five days in Noblesville, IN. 

I felt right at home.

I liked that some of the schools focused not on heroes but specifically on unsung heroes; an example from White River Elementary:

They sold some books:

Noble Crossing Elementary of Noblesville warmly welcomed this Nobleman:

Two weeks earlier, I was blown away by a mob of Chupacabras as drawn by an entire school. Noble Crossing also had Chupacabras posted throughout:

This school also marked the first time I signed a copy of the book to a person who has the same name as one of the three (named) characters in the book. Not Bumsie. Not Pep. Yes, it was...

I'm part of the second-highest group:


Special thanks to Jessica Homan for spearheading the week's visits and Sherrie McGovern for putting in a good word!

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