Sunday, February 25, 2018

Cover reveal: "Thirty Minutes Over Oregon"

In 1997, I saw the New York Times obituary for a man named Nobuo Fujita whose headline called him the "Only Foe to Bomb America."

Ten years later, I finally wrote a picture book manuscript about him. 

Seven years after that, after dozens of rejections and an unconventional experiment, I finally sold the manuscript to a publisher. 

And four years after that, which brings us to this year, Thirty Minutes Over Oregon: A Japanese Pilot's World War II Story is finally coming out. 

Betsy Bird at School Library Journal's Fuse #8 did the cover reveal.

So I am doing the reveal of the reveal:

If you think that image by Melissa Iwai is exhilarating, wait till you see inside...

Betsy is holding off on a full review till closer to the October publication date, but in the meantime, she wrote "Marvelous! Exciting and harrowing, a fascinating portrait of levelheaded thought and kindness."

Thank you, Betsy…and thank you, Nobuo.

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