Sunday, November 11, 2018

"Moving...thought-provoking" – "New York Times Book Review" on "Thirty Minutes Over Oregon"

It is Veterans Day, and this year I'm thinking in particular of a vet I never met but have grown most fond of. His name was Nobuo Fujita, and he never fought for America.

Not during a war, anyway.

His uplifting journey is the subject of my latest book, Thirty Minutes Over Oregon: A Japanese Pilot's World War II Story. And that book is featured in today's New York Times Book Review. I've been in the Times before, but this is the first time the paper of record has reviewed one of my books. Thank you to the Times, and thank you to vets everywhere.

"Sometimes the most inconsequential episodes in larger stories can turn out to be the most moving, and so it is with Thirty Minutes Over Oregon … a thought-provoking meditation on the power of forgiveness"

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