Friday, December 21, 2018

"Thirty Minutes Over Oregon" on list of Top 20 Books of 2018

And not just any list…the list jointly compiled/posted by Mr. Schu (John Schumacher, the Ambassador of School Libraries for Scholastic) and Travis Jonker of School Library Journal's 100 Scope Notes.


(John called it a story "everyone should know." Travis also included it on his list of 10 books he did not review but loves. Note how a third influencer, Betsy Bird, kindly echoed that thought.)

With both lists, I'm humbled and honored to be among such talent. Congrats to all whose work is being recognized.

The journey to get Thirty Minutes Over Oregon published did not come close to the stakes of the journey of the star of the book, World War II pilot Nobuo Fujita…but it does make me especially thrilled that it happened. Because it almost didn't, a lot.

This book was rejected almost 50 times over seven years.

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