Monday, February 25, 2019

"Batman & Bill" makes a timeline of Batman milestones

As we Batusi deeper into the yearlong revelry that is Batman's 80th anniversary, I was thrilled to see Bill Finger make a prominent appearance in a special publication celebrating the Dark Knight's history and influence.

Not only did Bill get a full page to himself (a far cry from previous such tributes, where he typically made little more than a cameo)...

...but he also appears on the publication's Bat-timeline three times…one of which is Batman & Bill (final entry).

(One criticism: as has happened many times online, this magazine used a photo of fellow writer Robert Kanigher for Bill.)

The page about Bill kindly mentions both the doc and Bill the Boy Wonder. I believe this is the first time a print publication has acknowledged my Bill Finger efforts without interviewing me first—in other words, this was a total and surreal surprise.

5/13/24 addendum: A similar magazine available in 2024 (Batman's 85th anniversary) did not mention the documentary but did mention me.

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