Monday, July 15, 2019

Auditioning for Robin in "Batman Forever"

In 1994 in Boston, while I was in college, I attended an open casting call (see photo below) for Robin for the movie Batman Forever

My not-quite-Method prep consisted of drawing but not coloring a Robin logo, cutting it out, taping it on a too-big, comics-inaccurate T-shirt, and posing for this dramatic photo:

Then as per the Warner Bros. instructions, I made an audition video. I filmed it by myself on campus in a classroom at night. A glimpse of the high-end production values:

No need to check IMDb—I did not get the role.

Neither did any of these guys:


CiarĂ¡n McNulty said...

Neither did Christian Bale, so take heart!

Unknown said...

I heard Mike Vitar was close to getting the role too! (Benny from sandlot)