Sunday, October 20, 2019

Student feedback from the Montessori School of San Antonio

On 9/17/19, I had the privilege of speaking to young people at the Montessori School of San Antonio. They further honored me by sending a stack of thank you notes. Some comments that moved me, amused me, or both:

  • “You are very funny and nothing was boring. Please come back and tell us more! We will miss you!”
  • “Your methods for finding information are amazing. Whenever I do research, I’m sure you’ll come to mind.”
  • “After your presentation, I was happy the whole day!”
  • “I enjoyed you telling us your crazy awesome stories. You held my attention the whole entire time. I really hope that the other schools appreciate you as much as we did! You inspired me to start writing a book of my own, thanks!”
  • “Honestly, it was the best presentation I have ever seen at [our school]. I had so much fun listening to [it]. I liked how you were funny, and how you got the audience involved.”
  • “Your presentation was outstanding! It was one of the best presentations I have ever seen! I loved it because of how interactive it was.”
  • “Your presentation was like one of the best presentations I’ve ever seen. I like how you present because you keep everybody interested.”
  • “You are probably the best presenter in the whole world.”
  • “I enjoyed it and it was funny and sad, normal and mad.”
  • “I liked how [your presentation] was funny, but also factual.”
  • “Not to be a broken record but again, I loved your presentation!”
  • “We all loved your wonderful and engaging presentation, and it especially inspired me.”

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