Tuesday, June 2, 2020

1990 Bill Finger co-creator credit…in Brazil

Eduardo Pereira, the director of a public library of comics in Brazil who is working on a book about Bill Finger, kindly called to my attention a 1990 Brazilian reprint of the 1988 DC Comics limited series Cosmic Odyssey.

I don’t speak Portuguese but I do speak Bill Finger, and there’s his name on the title page…as Batman co-creator. (“Criado por” = “created by.”) Not only that, but it says “and” (not “with”) Bill Finger.

Bill had received equal billing in DC Comics publications before this—the earliest I have found is from 1969—but not, to my knowledge, on a title page as an “official” credit.

Thank you again, Eduardo!

1 comment:

Eduardo Pereira said...

I thank Marc very much for posting this information on your Blog. And thanks for the super help you gave me in researching the book I'm writing about Bill.

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