Monday, July 13, 2020

Take me to the pilot

I teach creative writing camps (virtual only this year, of course). 

One of my challenges for every group every year: write as irresistible a first line as you can…about a pilot. I do this to encourage them to be as experimental as possible so their line seems different from the rest in some way, even though the topic is the same for all. 

This year, for the first time, a young writer did something so different that I didn’t see it coming. She didn’t write about a pilot flying, crashing, or making an announcement. 

She wrote about a pilot…airing. Yes, a TV pilot. 

The simplest twist can have a big impact…no crash required.

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Dina Roberts said...


I started reading your post...and I was thinking I wouldn't like that assignment. I'd want to write the first line OF a pilot not write a line ABOUT a pilot. I'm horrible at writing taglines and all that.

Writing about an airline pilot...that would be fun too.

I'm surprised more of your students haven't made the same mistake.