Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Zoomathon week

Zoom was another name for the Reverse-Flash, an enemy of the superhero the Flash; he debuted in 1963.

In the 1970s, Zoom was widely known as a children’s TV show. 

In 1985, Aretha Franklin verbed it in a song (“Who’s Zoomin’ Who?”). 

Circa 2000, Mazda sloganized it (“Zoom-Zoom.”)

Since 2020, Zoom has been part of the weekly, daily, or multi-daily routine for so many of us. 

In the early days of February, I bottlezoomed. Ran a Zoomathon. Had lots of Zooms in a short period. The rundown:

  • talk for members of a synagogue
  • meeting with a film producer
  • unrelated meeting with another film producer
  • creative writing session with a young writer
  • meeting with a site I may be working with 
  • meeting with creative partners on projects we’re pitching a performing arts institution
  • meeting with those partners and that institution
  • talk to kids on behalf of Wonders Learning (I did one last month as well) 
  • talk for kids at a London school  
  • call with a lawyer (wait, a call, not a Zoom!)

Not counting the creative writing sessions I run for kids, this may be a personal record. 

All of the meetings are early stages, so nothing to announce yet. But if something does develop from any of it, I can look back and say it started during the Week That Was Zoom.

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