Wednesday, October 27, 2021

DC Comics villains who headlined their own series

This is simply a gallery of the first issues of DC Comics ongoing series or limited series starring a villain. 

I did not count one-shots, teams (Secret Society of Super-Villains, Suicide Squad, Crime Syndicate), or anti-heroes who have had their own ongoing series multiple times (Catwoman, Deathstroke, Harley Quinn, Lobo). 


bold character names = ongoing (albeit most did not ongo for long)

* = member of original Legion of Doom (i.e. Challenge of the Superfriends version)

Am I missing any?

The Joker 1975 (of course he is the first)

The Joker 2021

Man-Bat 1976

Man-Bat 1996

Man-Bat 2006

Man-Bat 2021

Kobra 1976

Deadshot 1988

Deadshot 2005

Raʼs al Ghul 1988 (reprints only)

Eclipso 1992

The Shade 1997

The Shade 2011

Anarky 1997

Anarky 1999

Lex Luthor 2005 *

Klarion 2005

Klarion 2014

Black Adam 2007

Black Adam 2022

Solomon Grundy 2011 *

Penguin 2011

Penguin 2023

Talon 2012

Larfleeze 2014

Sinestro 2014 *

Bizarro 2015 *

Bat-Mite 2015

Poison Ivy 2016

Poison Ivy 2022

Bane 2017

The Batman Who Laughs 2019

Black Manta 2021 *

King Shark 2021

Zod 2023
(full title is Kneel Before Zod)

Sinister Sons 2024

1 comment:

Jeff McGinley said...

Ann Nocenti did a Klarion book!?
I guess I should have paid more attention during Nu52 after all.
I'll have to hunt it down.

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