Saturday, March 26, 2022

New decade, new author headshot

The day after I said goodbye to my forties, I embraced my new decade by getting my first new author headshot since 2015. 

Actually, I’ve used multiple photos across the internet, and while I do like “matching” the profile pic vibe with the platform (e.g. formal portrait for LinkedIn, picturesque travel shot for Instagram, playful pose for Facebook, etc.), I also see the value of a consistency in presence.

Here are the photos I am replacing (taken in the Washington DC area unless otherwise noted):

(Milwaukee, WI)


(Machu Picchu, Peru)


(Taj Mahal, India)


(Washington State)

The “main” author photo, which I used for sites including Google and Amazon

The new author photo

Thank you again to Karen London for my previous author photo, and National Geographic shutterbug Rebecca Hale for my new one (and for your graciousness in trying various locales).

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