Sunday, July 3, 2022

Students spotlighting little-known true stories

On 2/4/22—rescheduled from spring 2020—I finally spoke at Robious Elementary in Midlothian, VA.

My visit was the kickoff for a student project that is up, down, and all around my alley. 

As my kind host, librarian Melissa West, explained (lightly edited):

we are using [your visit] as a jumping off point for our 4th graders who will embark on a research project looking for an untold story [all tied to Virginia except *]. The project is built on the idea that certain individuals have been recognized, honored, and studied in school for the work that they did, while others who did much the same went unnoticed. Their project that will be part of a museum exhibit at the Virginia Museum of History and Culture.

Funding was provided by Partners in the Arts.

Slides from the presentation about the project:

Here is a partial list, in no order, of people whose stories these kids brought to light (I added the links; they were not necessarily sources the kids used):

three enslaved teens in the household of Thomas Jefferson: Ursula, Edith, and Frances
Acoustic Kitty (CIA operation)
members of the Richmond 34 (1960 sit-in): Woodrow Benjamin Grant Jr., Elizabeth Johnson

Thank you again to Melissa and Robious for promoting the value of research and the thrill of untold stories.

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