Sunday, January 29, 2023

Visiting the bar of the Huey Lewis and the News album “Sports”

After meeting the man himself, and some of his band, would it thrill to go to the bar featured in the photo on the cover of Sports, the breakthrough album for Huey Lewis and the News?

Indeed it would, and did.

On 1/27/23, I first stepped foot into a scene I’ve known since 1983—the 2 A.M. Club in Mill Valley, CA [near San Francisco]. Consistent with its devil-may-care dive bar ethos, the punctuation varies; on its home page, it’s also referred to as 2am Club and 2 AM Club. 

I was with my dad and two cousins, both of whom have lived in the area for decades and were familiar with the place. In fact, some years ago, one was in the joint when someone tried to steal his bike outside, and he and his friends chased away the would-be thief.

We arrived soon after opening, around 12:30 pm. Only a couple of guys at the bar. No bartender in sight. As I was clumsily trying to recreate the album cover pose, a voice behind me said “Just leave it here when you’re done.” I turned to see a copy of the album—signed by Huey—and the bartender already heading to the back again. It was heartening how trusting he was with something so meaningful. I guess Huey fans tend to be as clean-cut as Huey’s mid-‘80s image.

I’ve had the privilege of visiting world-famous, centuries-old masterpieces including the moai of Easter Island and the Taj Mahal. For a lifelong, hardcore HLATN fan, a certain corner of the 2 A.M. Club just about equals them.

with my dad

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Jason said...

That is so wonderfully cool that the bartender just... hands over an autographed album that way. You'd think it would be framed and on the wall. I live in Utah so I don't know when or how I'll ever find myself in Mill Valley, but if I do, I'm stopping into the 2am/AM/A.M. Club!

(Incidentally, have you ever given any thought to collecting your "Girl in the Video" pieces into a book? I'd buy it!)