Monday, February 20, 2023

Meeting the "Addicted to Love" video women

Ten years ago, I had the thrill and privilege of being the first person to find and interview all five women from the iconic video for Robert Palmer's "Addicted to Love" (1986).

A year later, the fab five reunited in person for the first time since the shoot.

Lovely people all, and we've stayed in touch. Patty Elias lives in California, Kathy Davies lives in Thailand, and the other three are still in London (where the video was shot).

On 2/17/23, at Bluebird in London, I had the thrill and privilege to meet two of them in person, Julie Pankhurst (keyboards) and Julia Bolino (guitar far right). 

Julie again on left, Julia again on right.
A wee bit blurry but best we got. Gonna have to face it.

Three days later, still in London, I met a third, Mak Gilchrist, who had been out of town the night I met Julie and Julia. She took me on an enlightening walking tour of Kew Gardens, where I'd never been. 

It was mind-warping to get to know people I'd known of since I was 14 and now consider friends.

Everyone has a story behind the story...

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