Friday, September 22, 2023

Georgia schools censoring the word "gay": reaction continues

In August 2023, elementary schools in Forsyth County, GA, asked me to leave out the word "gay" from my presentation or leave.

I left.

The incident made national news.

After the Associated Press story posted 9/20/23, many other major outlets picked it up. A sampling (sorry for so many shots of my punim):

The night before, the Forsyth County Board of Education held its first meeting since my school visits, and four members of the community spoke about inclusiveness and censorship. 

The first video is the complete meeting, cued to the comments from the four advocates for compassion. The second video is a highlight reel of those comments.

One Forsyth County Instagrammer said this:

"Schools are not the place for what he is promoting. Take it somewhere else."

I rarely reply in such cases, but did this time:

"I was promoting persistence, primary research, reading, speaking up for others, giving credit where it's due, and tolerance. Which topic in particular do you think I should take somewhere besides schools?"

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