Saturday, January 13, 2024

Unused Ty Templeton gunshot art for "Bill the Boy Wonder"

The first round of sketches Ty Templeton submitted for Bill the Boy Wonder were so good that I requested few changes. 

The biggest one, as I recall, was the spread in which I briefly summarized the murder of Bruce Wayne's parents. I say they were shot but felt we should not show that.

Unaware of my feeling, Ty created this concept:

Strong! But wrong, in my opinion, for the format. The book would be intended for grades 3 and up, by which age kids (unfortunately) already know about guns and likely murderbut it might also be read to kids younger than that. 

He kindly obliged me by retooling, and that, too, was strong. I liked it better for more than one reason—now we also see the Waynes. The image conveyed menace without depicting the shooting:

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